Wedding videography portfolio


Our exclusive wedding videography team shoot each film to our consistent high standards. Here you can view a selection of our most recent films including both UK and destination weddings. Each and every wedding film is produced, shot and edited by our award winning team, holding over a decade of experience within the TV, film and event industries.

Our wedding films stand apart due to our expertise in wedding videography, shooting style, along with editing each film in our own unique style. We don’t simply craft a four minute trailer of your day, but complete highly structured features of around 20 minutes in length to evoke all of the atmosphere and emotion from the day.

From each of our videography team producing wedding films this way for many years, we know the importance of the many factors involved throughout the day. This gives us the experience to be in all of the right places when we need to be, allowing us to not miss a thing on your wedding day and capture each moment in the most creative way possible.

After every shoot each wedding film is meticulously edited over many days, including colour grading each shot and compiling each sequence, to produce a personal and emotional film created in our own unique way.